The problem is the package of a new product
“Now we use paper for packaging of new products,
but we would like to use stronger and printable materials…?
In addition, we would like to make the lot smaller,
the plate cost lower and the delivery period shorter.”

Proposal of KOGA POLYMER

“How about using PET film instead of paper?
It is strong and printable material and we can provide it in
small lot and in short delivery period with low plate cost.”

Large cost reduction has achieved!
The strength of package has improved and they can deliver stably.
The delivery period has shortened from 1.5months to 2weeks.
The plat cost has fallen from 150,000yen to free.
A small lot order has realized.

How to display tea-leaves
package efficiently in
convenience stores.

Request is to change the package material of a new product from paper to plastic film in small lot and short delivery period.

Request is to reduce loss of
products during transportation
and to save time to package by
manual labor.