The problem is the display in convenience stores

"How do we display tea-leaves package efficiently within the limited space of convenience stores...? We want them not to be hidden by other goods!"

Proposal of KOGA POLYMER

"How about contriving the shape of the package! "
"How about changing to a square bottom package instead of
a popular standing package for tea-leaves?
You can display more products than before because of space-saving shape
and appeal better as double the design sides from two to four ."

After repeating trial manufacture, the product was completed!
As a result, package efficiency was improvedand efficient display was realized!
They are so conspicuous on the shelves in convenience stores
that the sales have increased a lot.

How to display tea-leaves
package efficiently in
convenience stores.

Request is to change the
package material of a new product
from paper to plastic film in
small lot and short delivery period.

Request is to reduce loss of
products during transportation
and to save time to package by
manual labor.