Plastic films

We will meet customer’s needs with wide supply of materials, sizes, forms and so on.
Polyethylene Film

It is made of thermoplastic resins that is relatively low in price and  easy processing, and is used widely from industrial products to dairy commodities.

Stretch Film

It is used as packaging materials
to prevent loads from becoming
unclean and shifting during

Shrink Film

It covers products tightly
by being shrunken by heat,
and is used for surface protection and collective packaging of products.

Specialized Films

There are films with various special properties; permanent antistatic film andcleaned PE film and so on.
We will propose an optimal film
according to your use.

Shrink Film

It is the film consist of
several layers of synthetic resins, and is used for a wide variety of purposes by combining it with various film materials, aluminum foil, paper, and nonwoven fabric.