Products Guide

Plastic film

Plastic film
General-purpose polyethylene
Stretch film
Shrink film etc

Functional Tapes

Craft・OPP・Fabric・Double-sided adhesive・Cellophane・Soundproof・Heat rejection・Curing・Insulation

Industrial Materials

Molded Parts・Adhesive

Eco-Products & Recycle System

Dioxin suppression cushioning material・CS film・Container to Container system etc

R&D Products

CS apron・PP tube
AP sheet

High-Performance Foams

Foam sheet for packaging
Industrial foams
Molded foams

Materials & Machines for Logistics

RISU box・Carry cart・
Warehouse equipment

Facilities & Machines

Packaging machine
Tent warehouse

KOGA POLYMER, as a R&D company, provides new packaging solutions
to contribute to the prosperity of all industries.
Our mission is to satisfy customers.




How to display tea-leaves
package efficiently in
convenience stores.

Request is to change the package material of a new product from paper to plastic film in small lot and short delivery period.

Request is to reduce loss of
products during transportation
and to save time to package by
manual labor.