The problem is the transportation
of the products

“How do we transport the parts of faucets safely with less works?
Now despite packaging the products in cloth, some of them turned to be detective because of damage during transportation.
Packaging works is time-consuming as well as inefficient.”
Their needs are…efficient transportation.

Proposal of KOGA POLYMER

“We will redesign the packaging method!”
“Instead of putting the products between partitions as in the past,
how about putting them on partitions? This method prevents
them from damage by hitting each other during
transportation and reduces packaging lobar and time

Established no detective packaging method!
Consequently detective products were reduced drastically . And also large cost reduction has realized because of the efficient packaging method! In addition, their request that they want to manage 2items in one partition has realized, and the cost reduction has improved greatly as well.

How to display tea-leaves
package efficiently in
convenience stores.

Request is to change the package material of a new product from paper to plastic film in small lot and short delivery period.

Request is to reduce loss of
products during transportation
and to save time to package by
manual labor.